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What problems are there with forwarding E-Mails?
As many of you know, there are many people using the web who harvest E-Mail IDs. Harvesting E-Mail IDs is basically collecting valid E-Mail IDs and selling them to spammers. If you forward interesting E-Mails to one or more friends, your friends are likely to forward them and eventually they will reach a harvestor.

How can one safely forward E-Mails?
When you send your joke and other interesting E-Mails, bcc all recipients. That way, no one can see the E-Mail IDs of the recipients. Also, erase all E-Mail IDs of previous senders and recipients of the E-Mail. That way none of those E-Mail IDs will be available for harvesting. How can you erase them? After you click forward, simply highlight and delete all E-Mail IDs. If the actual material you are forwarding is in an E-Mail that appears as an attachment (this often seems to be the case with E-Mails forwarded via AOL), do not forward the E-Mail you received, forward the original E-Mail that appeared as an attachment.

How about your own E-Mail ID?
Of course, your E-Mail ID appears as the sender and can be harvested if the persons you send the E-Mail to are not as courteous as you. The way many of us protect ourselves is by obtaining another ID just for purposes like this. There are many free sources of E-Mail IDs. Two of the better known ones are and Go to either of these sites and you can sign up for your "joke" or "throwaway" E-Mail ID. In fact, if you forward interesting E-Mails to me, I prefer that you send them to my E-Mail ID. Send more timely E-Mails to my E-Mail ID. I read my E-Mail very regularly and my E-Mail depending on how busy I am. Even on my prime E-Mail, there is a spam filter. If your E-Mail is accidentally classified as spam, it may be months before I see it. In fact, even though I scan the spam folder periodically, I could miss your E-Mail completely and delete it unknowingly.

E-Mail Safely
By following these instructions, you will be helping all of us reduce the spam that we receive, giving us more time to read the more important E-Mail: your jokes and other stories. More seriously, some of us use E-Mail for business. At any rate, you can make an impact and all of us who are knowledgeable, appreciate the few moments you take to send E-Mails cleaned of E-Mail IDs.

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