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Below is some info that may be of interest to you. I welcome your feedback and comments. Mail Joe at Budelis [dot] com.

Best Overall Credit Card for Purchases
For every purchase, this card gives 2% cash back.Fidelity® Rewards Visa Signature® Card This Fidelity card gives unlimited points and there is no annual fee. The points do not expire and can be converted into cash. Although there are some cards that give higher num:browse confirm saveas bers of points, the higher number applies only with certain purchase categories and/or only at certain times and sometimes these other cards have annual fees.

Free Identity Protection
Although they will present ads for additional credit products, the basic free identity protection service offered by Transunion gives you some protection against identity theft.

Discounts at Barnes & Noble
If you have your own business, apply for corporate membership at Barnes & Noble. They will then give you 10 to 15% discounts and even higher on large purchases.

Coupons, Freebies and Tips
This site gives good tips for saving money. It offers deals, coupons, freebies and tips on saving. The one complaint is that some of the offers are still listed after they have expired. However, if you have some spare time to spend browsing this site, you are sure to find some ways that will save you some money.

Free Things
This site matches people who no longer have a need for things with people who can use them. The Freecycle Network is made up of people who offer for free items that they would otherwise discard which would result in our landfills growing in size. It's amazing how often you can find something of use to you which someone else no longer wants.

Free 4x6 Prints
Except for reasonable shipping charges, this site will print for you up to 85 free 4x6 photo prints per month. You are limited to one print per photo and 1000 free prints per year. Of course, you can obtain other services from the site at a cost.

Info on Safely Forwarding Jokes and Other Interesting Material:
I've written a page that explains how you can forward E-Mails to your friends and relatives safely and courteously, that is, with minimum likelihood of adding your E-Mail ID and that of your friends (originators or senders) to spammers' lists.

What to do if your Email ID is hijacked:
A friend who wishes to remain anonymous has written a page that explains What you should do if your Email ID is hi-jacked that is, if someone else is sending and receiving Emails using your Email ID.

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